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Terence Blanchard to perform and speak at The State of Jazz Composition Symposium and Concert Series at Berklee College of Music

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Current Projects


Terence Blanchard invites you to support his campaign to record his first opera, Champion: An Opera in Jazz about the life of boxer Emile Griffith! The page will be live from February 21 - April 22, 2014. To contribute, please visit:

Special thanks to our contributors: Colin Galvin (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Keith D Wehmeier (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Laura Tennyson (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Jeffrey C Sherman (A Jazz Student - $500 x2)
John DeGregorio (STupendously Lucky (STL) Fan - $500)
Mark Allen Sweeny (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Martha D Ehrenfeld (The Sound of a "Champion" - $250)
Joseph T Enright (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $100)
mfspecocc (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $50)
Samuel M Hack (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
frpeneaud (An Opera in Jazz fan - $25)
Christy Gray (TAKE FIVE - $250 x2)
Scott Levine (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Roland P. Calvert (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $50)
jdavidlevy (A STupendousLy Luck (STL) Fan - $500)
Miriam F Shelden (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
mmccann2 (A Jazz & Opera Lover Surpreme - $150)
Jane L. Johnson (The Fashionista's Aria - $65)
Kendrick Scott (Just wanted to contribute - $100)
Jack McGuire (The Fashionista's Aria - $65)
Michael Longo (Just wanted to contribute - $100)
Mark Manson (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $45)
JSears2 (The Fashionista's Aria - $65)
C. Harrington (Just wanted to contribute - $100)
Tracy Reid (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Della I. Green (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Anne Finch (The Sound of a "Champion" -$250)
Leslie W. Ehret (TAKE FIVE - $250)
Richard G. Wright (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Meg Hamilton (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
pitchingwedge (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
ajaydee (The Fashionista's Aria - $65)
Brian A Jackson (The Sound of a "Champion" -$250)
Adrienne Davis (TAKE FIVE - $250)
Timothy Wilson (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $45)
darlene 17 (A Jazz & Opera LOVEr SUPREME - $150)
Nicole Wright (TAKE FIVE - $250)
tpdfrancis (TAKE FIVE - $25)
Edgar B. McDonald (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
willsoll (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Jeannette R Huey (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
soulsister (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Susan Winchester (A STupendousLy Lucky (STL) Fan - $500)
Paula Poole (Just wanted to contribute - $50)
David Bellamy (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $35)
Andrew Wang (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
ericy1 (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $45)
Gene Knific (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Terilyn Shropshire (Sound of a "Champion" - $300)
Della I Green (Just wanted to contribute - $100)
John Jackson (A Jazz & Opera LOVEr SUPREME - $150)
aaronegigian (Just wanted to contribute - $100)
Lara Haydn Wright (Just wanted to contribute - $100)
edc090 (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $45)
Sally S Levy (A STupendousLy Lucky (STL) Fan - $500)
VOVOR MAWUPE (A Jazz Student - $500)
John Jackson (A Jazz & Opera LOVEr SUPREME - $150)
Devyani Hunt (TAKE FIVE - $250)
Douglas R. Lane (A Jazz & Opera Lover - $45)
Gregory Bell (An Opera in Jazz Fan - $25)
Ferit Odman (The Fashionista's Aria - $65)


Film Projects

Black & White

Terence has composed the music for the upcoming indie drama Black & White. The film stars Kevin Costner, who also serves as producer, plays a grieving widower fighting for custody of his bi-racial granddaughter with the girl’s paternal grandmother, played by Octavia Spencer. The film is due for release in 2014.


Video of the Day

Terence pitches his latest project: raising funds to record and distribute his first opera, Champion: An Opera in Jazz.


Upcoming Shows



April 27, 2014Boston, MA
May 9, 2014Washington DC,
May 10, 2014Washington DC,
May 11, 2014Washington DC,
May 13, 2014Paris, France
May 14, 2014Montpellier, France
May 15, 2014Rotterdam, The Netherlands
May 17, 2014Tbilisi, Georgia
May 19, 2014Bratislava, Slovakia
May 20, 2014Bleiburg, Austria

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